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Moshiach / Messiah

Judaism teaches that the purpose of the entire creation is in order that man transform our world - the lowest of the worlds, into a dwelling place for G-d. The culmination of this purpose will be realized when Moshiach comes.

So whats with the baby?
Our souls are rooted in the feminine aspect of G-dliness which is why the Sages speak of the us as being married to G-d, man being the wife in the relationship (since we 'receive' from G-d). The marriage between G-d and the Jews took place when G-d gave us the Torah on Mt Sinai. Chassidus explains how the intense unity achieved between us and G-d at that time is analogous to husband transmitting his inner essence to his wife. After which its the wife that absorbs the drop and develops it into an actual baby. Likewise, the Torah which G-d gave us, stems from his essence. The Torah is the blueprint for how man is able to transform the world into a dwelling place for G-d. By keeping the Torah and observing the commandments and spreading light in the world, we gradually effect a global transformation, thus contributing to the development of 'G-ds baby.' It is the birth of this baby that is analogous to the coming of Moshiach.

Our current state of exile is compared to a pregnancy. Mankind is like the fetus that has eyes but doesn't yet see. Furthermore it s only as a result of strong contractions that a baby is able to emerge. In a similar sense, the birthing process of redemption involves a temporary state of 'chaos' and strong divine contractions/concealment as a necessary step towards the final birth. The troubles and tribulations that come to the world at his time are whats called the 'birth pangs' of Moshiach.

The rings around the world represent the 7 millennia of the worlds existence which correspond to the 7 days of the week. 2015 was the Hebrew year 5775 which means - on a cosmic scale - it is late Friday afternoon which is around the time Shabbos comes in which in turn corresponds to the era of Moshiach.