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I'm Sholom Ber Efune aka SB, a Los Angeles Based Graphic Designer and visionary with extensive experience in both print and digital design. My design aesthetic tends to favor both simplicity and boldness and my passion lies in the fusion of the greatest wisdom and ideas with cutting edge visuals, thereby ensuring that the message fits the medium. Got a design project in mind? Lets work together.

Services include:

Logo Identity Design, Logo Redesign, Brand Guidelines, Marketing Materials, Social Media Campaigns, Web Design & Development, Packaging, Design Strategy, Print & Digital Design


The Creative Process:



Design Insights:

Good design is when the external medium fits the internal message, much like a body that is in sync with ones soul. The way to achieve this harmony is to first understand the core of what it is that needs designing and only from that place of truth, can good design spring forth.

Design to a business is like clothing to a body. Just as ones clothing can degrade or enhance ones appearance so too with design. But just as clothing is not the person itself, so too design is not the business itself, and it is only one of the many factors that contribute to success.