A rebranding project for Hashkifa - a revolutionary inspirational / educational enterprise, based on Jewish tradition that harnesses the power of story telling as an anchor to draw the viewer in, with a focus on bringing spiritual ideals and concepts into practical implementation.

Services: brand strategy, LOGO & brand-IDENTITY, BRAND COLLATERAL, curriculum design

The original logo

Some issues with the previous logo identity include the following:

1) The play icon replaces the letter 'a.' However this is not obvious, as the other a is different

2) The logotype is a little too round and chunky which gives off a childish vibe - not sleek enough to represent what Hashkifa has to offer

3) There is nothing that conveys Hashkifa is anything more than just some sort of digital experience.

The updated logo

The need for a redesign stemmed from the fact Hashkifa was repositioning itself as a revolutionary educational enterprise as well by providing a curriculum based on the inspirational content and stories it shares.

The primary logomark represents a digitized Torah (Bible) scroll, as well as an overall more slick look and feel that is more in alignment with Hashkifas brand aspirations

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